Contingency Planning

Most of us have had our fair share of disruptions. From the swine flu pandemic putting employees in quarantine to the volcanic ash cloud leaving customers stranded abroad – this is a wake up call for all businesses to be better prepared for the unexpected.
Every business and organization can experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This can range from a flood or fire to a serious computer malfunction or Information Security incident.
Businesses prepare contingency plans because things do go wrong from time to time. Contingency planning involves:
# Preparing for predictable and quantifiable crises
# Preparing for unexpected and unwelcome events
The aim of contingency planning is to minimise the impact of a foreseeable event and to plan for how the business will resume normal operations after the event. 
A key challenge facing every company in the 21st century is how to be more adaptive to change. Unfortunately, today many of the company’s business rules are “lost” for all practical purposes. Finding the is hard, understanding their business is harder, and challenging them is often almost impossible.
Another key challenge facing companies in the 21st century is how to integrate IT more thoroughly into business process design, and to ensure that system development is business-driven. Unfortunately, in many companies today business analysts and IT professionals still seem to speak different languages.
The management of the organization have a responsibility to recover from such incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost. This requires careful preparation and planning.
Bi-Lo provides simple answers. The practical techniques and innovative ideas it presents will enable your company to become more adaptive. It will enable your company to exploit new opportunities quicker, whether on the business side or the hardware/software side, and will show you how business-driven development should be conducted in the 21st century.
We aim to remove the risks by showing you just what options are available.
Whatever action is required for the survival .of your business, we will guide you through it and explain to you all the implications. AHDAN promises you professional advice in an understandable format.