Risk & Crisis Management

Identification of Risks, its mitigation and testing of the business survival model leads to Contingency Planning. The key in success is to create a match between the company’s future needs and its current threats.
Our constantly evolving Crisis Management model helps you quantify and qualify your exposure to the threats of internal (eg product sabotage, loss of staff, supplier, customer, facility) and external (fuel shortage, utility denial, weather, transport, political climate, etc) risks – ensuring you have the most appropriate and cost effective risk management strategy.
These could affect your organisation’s workforce, property and contracts and have a significant impact on business operations and shareholder value.
How rapidly and effectively you react in a crisis is critical. It can make the difference between recovering well, or not at all.
AHDAN Crisis Management creates innovative, bespoke solutions, delivered through a combination of in-house experiences and risk management strategy to help you protect your people, assets and brand.